A Film by Tony Adigun

Roll or Die was shot to look like one continuous take with no editing or cuts.

Individual interpretation is urged without any prescribed explanation from the director. Directed by Tony Adigun in 2009, Roll or Die has been screened at Breakin’ Convention and Stratford Circus as part of Collabo.

Services: Creative Director, Choreographer
Premiere: 2009
Running Time : 7 Minutes

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Director: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon
Visuals: Dean Atta
Filming/editing: Dean Stewart
Dancers: Sara Gordon, Odilia Egyiawan, Jermaine Johnson, Jasmin Saulo, Glen Murphy, Tara Gadre, Oneil Rochester, Issac Baptiste, Waddah Sinada, Angelika Brewster, Marla Brown.