S.C.R.U.M. (VR Film)

S.C.R.U.M. is a unique outdoor piece and presents 3rd manifestation of the world of Illegal Dance. Scrum sits alongside The Rule of Seven films, The Rio Cinema Experience, and The Rio Immersive Experience in no particular order.

Scrum continues to weave together Tony Adigun’s electrifying trademark synaesthesia of hip-hop and contemporary dance blended with a captivating original soundtrack. This 40-minute outdoor piece animates a rebellious rabble of five young digital natives who stand in protest against a global political regime that has outlawed freedom of creative expression.

VR headsets both conceal their identity and also inform their movement. The audience is fed glimpses of the digital narrative that informs the dancers’ movements; this comes to the audience through their mobile phones. At points, audience members are invited to join the dancers, donning VR headsets and performing with the cast (observing instructions delivered through their VR headset) witnessed by the onlooking audience. This social experiment explores the interplay between real life and VR; how do people participate when they know others are there but can not see their reactions? How do our cast of dancers respond to the movement of the invited audience members, and how do the voyeuristic audience engage with what they can and can’t see.

Client: Avant Garde Dance
Services: Creative Director, Choreographer,