The Factory

Dance Umbrella has handed over the programming reins to Tony Adigun, inviting him to put together his own one-night artistic stand. The result is The Factory, an immersive, loud, and informal night of dance, fashion, art, and music – a kind of Festival within the Festival.

Joining his company Avant Garde will be a host of folk including visual artist Leanza-May, Neon Dance, BBC Young Dancer finalist (hip hop) Kieran Lai, designer Bettina John and performance artists .2Dot. Headline DJ is Tramp Häus Collective and there’ll be a new piece by Adigun himself called The Dinner. Accompanied by special audio-visuals, not to mention some surprise guests on the night, The Factory promises to be a pretty stupendous party evening.

Client: Dance Umbrella
Date: October 19, 2015
Services: Creative Director, Choreographer,

Final Performance


``Tony Adigun’s style bridges the worlds of hip hop, commercial and contemporary dance. His choreographic commissions have ranged from Alston Takes Over at The Place to Mel B’s world tour.``

Rachel Elderkin
Rachel Elderkin Exeunt Magazine
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