Alston Takes Cover is a unique project, co-commissioned by The Place and Dance Umbrella, and was seen in London’s Dance Umbrella Festival last 2011. The project gave selected choreographers the opportunity to create choreographic responses to Richard Alston’s classic Wildlife (1983).

Alston Takes Cover will be presented as part of the EDGE touring repertoire for 2012. Tony was commissioned to work on (above) Edge touring company. With Alston’s insight, Tony Adigun made ‘Unleashed’

Services: Creative Director, Choreographer
COMMISSIONED BY: The Place & Dance Umbrella
Running Time : 20 Minutes

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Director: Tony Adigun
Dancers: Tim CJ Chew, Jessica Hatfield, Erin Johnson, Michael Kitchin, Thomas Meyers, Simone Mousset, Alexandra Pickering, Jacquelyn Price, Elisabeth Schilling, Katie Webster, Nicole West, Gracelynn Whyte
Producer: The Place