Table Manners is a choreographic feast by Tony Adigun in classic Avant-Garde style exploring human relationships through our cultural connections with food and dining, with a thought-provoking social subtext.

Set around, on, and underneath a long dining table, AG will invite audiences to join in the play, banter, and feasting as we turn the tables on what is assumed to be the ‘right’ way to behave in various dining contexts. The difference between us is where the beauty lies…not the threat.

Services: Creative Director, Choreographer,


Table Manners is commissioned by Without Walls, Hat Fair, Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Director / Choreographer: Tony Adigun
Performers: Duwane Taylor, Julie Minaai, Sasha Shadid
Design: Tony Mason
Music: Tony Adigun
Producer: Sarah Sansom

Final Performance