The Black Album

Open up the sleeve of The Black Album to find a line-up of effortlessly stylish dance. A triple-bill weaved together like your favourite concept album. Taking you on a soulful journey through the truly classic and powerful coolness of black. Using innovative cutting-edge dance, you will experience a musical awakening.

The Black Album is a triple-bill in which three distinctly different hip-hop choreographies are woven together like a concept album.

In Omega five dancers and five columns of light improvise and respond to experimental DJ Jazzanova.

A Classical Break presents a humorous and cheeky partnership between break dance and the music of Beethoven, Mozart and Prokofiev. The language of breaking and the detailed choreography accentuate the orchestral score resulting in a number of magical musical moments.

Dark Matter is abstract and visually captivating, unleashing eight influential dancers’ inner darkness. Prowling the perimeter of the stage and playing amongst the shadows, the dancers make you see the music you cannot hear.

Services: Creative Director, Choreographer
Running Time: 1Hour 15 minutes

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Director / Choreographer: Tony Adigun
Assistant Director: Sara Gordon
Stylist: Ayishat Akanbi
Music Arrangement: Tony Adigun
Lighting Design: Anthony Hately
Dancers: Tony Adigun, Sara Gordon, Caramel Soldier, Dani Harris -Walters, Jordan Melchor, DJ Jam Fu, B-boys Silent and Jangles.
Original Producer: Tia Hassan